If Not Now, Then When? by Lory Fabian

Just Because August has Arrived…Doesn’t Mean Your Summer is Over!

What a wonderful life I’ve had!  I only wish I’d realized it sooner. – Colette

Knowing that August is the last month of the summer doesn’t mean summer is over!  Whether you are empty nesters or have kids who are starting back to school or college in one week or one month, it’s not too late to partake in a few fun activities in and around the city that you live in.  Most towns and cities are buzzing with activities close to home, or at the very least, nearby.

Take time to learn about your city’s rich history.  Search out and rediscover some of your favorite places or the attractions that visitors seek out when visiting your area.  Make time to appreciate your city’s culture, flavors and be sure to support your local businesses. (Stores, Restaurants, Zoos, Museums, Public pools, etc.)  Enjoy a seasonal sojourn up in the mountains, local lakes, rivers or ocean, or seek out a favorite cozy farm town & get refueled from nature’s energy. (http://www.pheasantvalleyfarms.com}

Decide to take the road less traveled. Becoming one with nature creates harmony and balance in your life and is good for the soul like nothing else is.

Commit to reflect and revel in the first half of 2014’s favorite fun pastimes and memories. Being grateful for what you have keeps you healthy.

Choose a day or week to ditch your To-Do-List. Don’t think, JUST DO! Let your creative side take you places you’ve never been to before.

Wake up and stop living unconsciously. Looking for a new lease on life? Make an effort to discover your talents and gifts that have been buried deep inside of you for years. Consider taking a music lesson, golf lesson or art class. Go to your local baseball, soccer and/or football field and watch a youth sports game. Remember the enthusiasm you use to have?  Bring it back!!!

Do a good deed. Pay It Forward!  When was the last time you offered to help a friend or neighbor in need?  Invite someone over for a BBQ?  Mow the lawn of an elderly neighbor?  Take over a bouquet of flowers to someone who recently lost a loved one?  Rescue a dog? Don’t think about it…JUST DO IT!

Support your local library. Reading books helps you find out who you are.  Reading is an essential guide to understanding yourself and discovering new ways to become the best YOU that you can be.

Push yourself to attend one of your local music festivals or concerts.  Some believe that listening to music can help unlock a sense of self, and empower & nurture your creativity.  Music can be a virtual pharmacy and reduce anxiety or depression. Dare to listen to music genres you’ve never listen to before.

Check out your local chamber website and find out where the nearest Wine and Food Festivals are being held.

Remember to vote August 5 in Missouri.  Voting is a privilege not a right.

Don’t let another summer pass with regrets. Building relationships with friends and family will make you richer and happier than buying any fancy new car, house or toy.

If Not Now, Then When?

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