When….. I have an opportunity to get up before the sun rises to make an early business meeting with Virginia Muzquiz @ Referral Institute.

When…..I learn a new way to think; as in changing my perception from “Why are THEY doing this?” to What are they trying to TEACH me?”

When…..I receive a SendOutCards.com card from one of my SOC Customers.

When…..I fall down and have the Faith & Courage to stand up and Learn from failing. When I have a friend like Sandra Meranda who will pull me up and rescue me without asking.

When…..my dear friend, Sue Smith, is told by her doctor that she has only 3 more chemo treatments because her tumor is shrinking after being told she had only 6 months to live two years ago.

When…..my best friend from childhood, Molly Bickford, calls me to check on me when I know her plate is overflowing with other commitments.

When…..one of my best friends from San Diego, now living in Denver, Dina Cooper Clifford, calls me on a prompting to say hello.

When…..one of my dearest friends, Jan Pipp, who lives in California, gives me a two month notice that she’s coming to town for a visit.

When…..my good friend, Mike Burke, invites me to be his Amp Up Referral partner at a Referral Institute training session.

When…..my SendOutCards.com/loryfabian customers give me referrals through an email introduction to their friends & customers.  Receiving a Referral is an EPIC compliment!

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