February is Romance Month

February is Romance Month.

Valentine’s Day is a day we set aside for L-O-V-E.

It is a day to be to be kind to yourself and spend time with those you love.  Put away the electronics and remember to L-O-V-E in the moment.  Be sure to give your friends and family your undivided attention.

No phone, no texting allowed.

February ideas for you to think about:

  • Host a Valentine’s Day Cupid’s Tea Party.
  • Host a Lonely Hearts Club Happy Hour.
  • Sometimes saying “I love you’ isn’t enough; sometimes only a SendOutCard will do.
  • Send a love letter to your sons and daughters and tell them what you love the most about them.
  • Send your grandchildren a love letter letting them know how special they are and how much they mean to you.
  • Have any college students?  They need to feel your love too!  Send a SOC card with SendOutCards.com cookies, brownies, chocolates and a gift card.
  • Write a long, wonderful love letter to yourself from yourself.  Recall the courage and excitement you had as a young child and remind yourself that it’s never too late to set a new dream.  Mail the letter with a send date for 6 months from now or hold in SOC Draft folder for when you’re feeling discouraged.
  • Remember to send a card to your teachers expressing how much you appreciate them.
  • Dare to send a note of love to someone that needs to hear it more than you do.
  • Send a card of love to your significant other. Remember a written sentiment can be saved and read over and over again.
  • Send a card to yourself with a picture of you when you were younger.  Frame the card and put it on your dresser or nightstand.
  • Send a card to everyone in your life that you love and tell them why. Life is too short not to express your love.
  • Remember to send chocolates, chocolates, and more chocolates to everyone you know. Chocolate makes people Happy!!!
  • SendOutCards.com will mail your loved one Chocolate Covered Caramels in Heart-Shaped box.
  • Who do you know that wouldn’t  love receiving a box of SendOutCards.com Valentine’s Day Chocolate Cinnamon Bears?
  • Send the Veterans in your life a card and gift to show your appreciation and gratitude.
  • Too tired to send a card?  Do it anyway because it’s the right thing to do!

Send a free card today at www.sendoutcards.com/loryfabian

Join SendOutCards.com/loryfabian today and send your loved ones a gift from your computer without ever having to leave your warm house.


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