Did You Know??…….Helpful Information You Can Use

Small Stuff or Not?

Did you know that JUST TEN (10) MINUTES can help make a difference in your day?

The key to arriving ten minutes early, of course, is to start getting ready a little earlier than usual and to be sure you’re ‘All-the-way Ready’ before you start doing something.

Don’t kid yourself that these extra ten minutes aren’t significant –THEY ARE!  The extra few minutes before & between activities can be the difference between a stressful day and a joyful day.


For those of you who are frustrated & agree that customer service is becoming a luxury in this country, below are a couple of sites that might offer you some assistance:

Consumer Protection – Go to consumeraction.gov

  • Prevent identity theft; understand credit; be a smart shopper; and much more.

Consumers face many challenges in the marketplace. Use these resources to help you solve your consumer problems. You can download or order a copy of the 2012 Consumer Action Handbook, access the consumer directories, or file a complaint with government agencies (note: agencies may not investigate individual complaints).

  • Tired of not being able to talk to a REAL PERSON?  Want an A – Z listing of customer-service numbers and find out what you need to press to talk to a person instead of a recording?

Why does the consumer have to waste their time talking to a recording with a company we spend our money on?  I take care of ALL of my customers at SendOutCards.com/loryfabian.  If you need help

and want to talk to a real person, email me your phone number.


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