April………….Shower Yourself with Simple Joys

Grab the kids, grab the dog and hit the public parks & trails. Enjoy the sights and scents of Mother Earth reawakening after a long and brutal winter. Breathe in the fresh air. Close your eyes and remember how long it’s been since you felt the warmth of the sunshine. Remember to always be grateful for the small things.

Take a walk through your neighborhood.  Enjoy the sights of bulbs planted during the fall shyly showing off their new green leaves and brilliant display of colorful heads popping up.

Play your favorite classical music and clean those nasty, pasty windows covered with the dirty, dingy effects built up over the winter. Clean the windows on the first dry day of April so you can enjoy seeing your neighbors roaming outside once again. Turn the window cleaning into fun by challenging your family to a window washing race. Ask the husband & children to clean the inside while you clean the outside windows. Enforce the house rule of ‘No Streaks’ allowed. Everyone wins a trip to the frozen custard store.

Run outside after an April rain and shake all the lower tree branches. Join in & listen to the children squeal with delight.

Wake your family up to the smell of a batch of your favorite Hot Cross Easter buns.

Grab your favorite blanket & become a couch potato during the next thunder storm and listen to the raindrops on your roof. Enjoy the sound of Mother Nature playing her favorite music.

Go Green and collect rainwater to water your indoor plants.

Host an Easter egg dye party and then hide the eggs for all the kids in the neighborhood to find. Toss in a few coins and a dollar bill inside of eggs to lure the older children to participate in the fun.

Spring is a sign of new beginnings; a time to clean out your closets, drawers, & cosmetics. Don’t forget your linens and lingerie. Free Yourself by purchasing less this year.

Spring is a time to switch to a new favorite perfume. Try on a new spring nail color. Dare to be different and have your fingernails painted with neon yellow & black daisy leaves at the base of your nails.

Spring is the perfect time to mediate. What you think about the most, you can create. Dream big! Let your imagination take you places you’ve never been. Ask yourself one of my favorite questions, “What Would It Take To _________” and quietly listen to the answer.

Visit your local zoo.

Hug your love ones and tell them you love them. Life is too short not to.



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