Lory Fabian is a Marketing Distributor for SendOutCards.com/loryfabian. Additionally, she serves as President of Cave Springs Toastmasters in St. Charles, Mo. She also serves as the Educational Coordinator for St. Charles West BNI. {Business Network International}

Previously, Lory worked in the National Football League for over 32 years: 16 years with the San Diego Chargers and 16 years with the St. Louis Rams. Lory has experience working in & with the accounting office, business office, marketing department, Sky Box Suites, Head Coach, VP of Football, VP of Player Programs, Defensive & Offensive Coordinators, QB Coach, Special Teams Coach, Public Relations, Football Media, Community Outreach, and Rams Alumni Relations. First and foremost, she is Kiana’s mom.

Lory Fabian works with passion to help small business owners build strong client relationships. She has proven time and time again that farming customers instead of hunting customers will not only increase customer retention, but also increases the ROI. A happy customer is a loyal customer. A loyal customer is a trusted authority on referral giving.  If customers like what they have and are happy with what they have, most customers will try to help their friends & neighbors have what they have. It really is that simple!

If what you are doing isn’t working…contact Lory Fabian and her team for a free consultation.

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