Teachers Matter – National Teacher Week

 Did you know that this week is National Teacher week?

Teachers in St. Charles, St. Louis and in communities across the nation will be in the spotlight on National Teacher Day, as students, parents, school administrators and the general public learns how teachers are making great strides to improve our Public Schools for every student.

Few other professionals touch as many people as teachers do.

National Teacher Day is a good time to show appreciation on the contributions educators make to our community every day. Teachers are role models. Teachers spend more time with our kids than most parents do.  As a community, we need to be more grateful and show more appreciation. Ask your teachers how YOU can help.

Sending a card or gift of appreciation is an opportunity for all of us to reach out.  A heartfelt, handwritten thank you note goes a long way to sharing the love. Is your child’s teacher doing an A++ job?  Send appreciation cards to teachers who have inspired you’re children. Send a Starbucks, a Target or a Home Depot Gift Card.  It’s the perfect way to let them know they are appreciated.

Make it even more meaningful by including something specific the teacher has said or done that has made a difference to your child, like offering extra guidance in math, helping your child make friends on the playground, or teaching a science or art module that sparked your child’s interest and passion.

Another simple and more meaningful idea is to have your child design their own card & write a note or poem about why he or she appreciates their teacher. You’re child can design a special card or decorate his or her poem with pictures that show what their teacher has taught them.

If you want to send the SUPER HERO teacher in your life a real card, in a real envelope from you or your child or both at NO COST, please visit: www.sendoutcards.com/loryfabian.




























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